Specializing in 18th and 19th century American Country furnishings in early paint and primitive crafts and linens


Come to our Annual Yankee Doodle Celebration June 30, 2018, Saturday, One-Day Celebration 10am to 3pm

We love our Country, the USA is the best place in the world to live and we all need to take time to acknowledge our love and loyalty to this Country. Fly the flag with pride, vote every time, and talk about the patriotism you feel, show your pride, buy USA items, acknowledge the soldiers that fight for your freedoms, we all need to tell our children and grandchildren how we each need to do all we can to be a proud nation.

The Fourth of July is a great day to be an American, to love this land, to stand up for our rights and our constitution. For a timeless journey, come celebrate as our Fore Fathers did with ideals and traditions as you join this patriotic event. This is a wonderful time of year, for all of us to come together and enjoy the long summer days, to embrace our friends and loved ones, to enjoy going to picnics and parties and all the things that makes our summers so magical with great memories. We try to make your trips here to Curry’s, as magical as it can be. We work hard getting beautiful antiques that are special and be proud to put into your home. Our gardens are in bloom and we try to add things to give you ideas to do at home. We have lots of big hand hewn stones to add a gorgeous look to your gardens. Betsy Ross flags to put into your gardens or hang on your door or mantel. Our wreaths are handmade by Sandy, and so gorgeous and primitive. Our house will be on tour at 11:00 and we used many of our handmade items to show you some different looks for the summer. Penny rugs and table runners for table tops are ready too.

Try one of our many primitive 13 star flags on old poles, lots of gardening pieces, flag pillows, woven bee skeps with water proof paint on them, powder horns that are so early looking, mice with flags, lanterns, leather satchels that are hand stitched, and wall hangings. Try our great new line of candles, only $8.00. Hand stitched stars, large and small Uncle Sam dolls that sit or hang. Patriotic girl dolls with bonnets, rabbits with flags, kettle birds that are pot holders, soap dispensers, lots of linens (bedcovers, pillow cases, shower curtains, lamp shades) all made by Sandy, couches and make do chairs made here too. We have armed chairs and winged chairs with very early wooden wings, lovely and comfortable. Our handmade cabin bird houses with stone chimneys are beautiful, each one different. We make most of our accessories here at Curry’s, but most important, MADE IN THE USA.

We just got several wonderful new loads from New England: early large bee skep, the most beautiful blue bench, oval top stretcher base small table with all rose head nails, great server with beautiful wear on the gorgeous paint, large early red server type kitchen piece with lid, three early step back cupboards in early paint for $1995 each (great deal), several bucket benches, one blue and one red lots of early oriental rugs, Bellermain jug, amazing wall boxes are the best with rose head nails in old red paint, trundle bed, tavern tables of many sizes, shelves, many dough boards, huge amount of wonderful step back cupboards, the most wonderful cant back cupboard in old red paint and 18th century, 6 foot long 18th ca. stretcher based table in old red paint with drawer, wooden lanterns, lots of treen, big red step back cupboard with pie shelf and so unique and gorgeous, also 18th century piece, sawbuck tables and hutch tables, cricket table, chest with 2 drawers, chest with snipe hinges and old red paint-6 board and gorgeous, mortar and pestles, old shaved broom, two settles, great stools, early portraits, bible box with red paint and dovetailed, gorgeous bittersweet chimney cupboard with open top, this is top grade, deep olive dish cupboard and so early, many jelly cupboards, leather books, ridged leather bibles, small tables and candle stands, painted early boxes, X-based round tables, bail handled pantries, lots of early lighting, apothecaries, and so much more…always new treasures coming in. We carry great 18th century painted antiques from New England.

For that special day and special memories, come see us at Curry’s Patriotic Country Gathering Curry’s Antiques

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