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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Come to our Annual Yankee Doodle Celebration

June 29, 2019, Saturday, One-Day Celebration 10am to 2pm Come see our new Curry’s Tavern 

      Forget your troubles and just get happy. Come celebrate a lovely day with us helping you feel that patriotic feeling swelling within your heart.

      We love being an American as we remember our great freedoms, our liberties and our commitment to our country. The Fourth of July is a great day to be an American, to love this land, to stand up for our rights and our constitution. For a timeless journey, come celebrate as our Fore Fathers did with ideals and traditions as you join this patriotic event.

      Our group here at Curry’s antiques grows and changes every year, but one thing you can always be assured of; we make our items here in the United States and our antiques were made in New England 200 years ago.

      We have flags flying high and a fun filled day for you. Stroll through our gardens inspired with a patriotic theme. 

We will custom make all your linen curtains and bedding.

      We are featuring so many new items to help decorate and make your home and gardens a great patriotic season for everyone. Our American flags on old poles have a circle of 13 stars Betsy Ross Flags, decorated pillows, primitive shower curtain, patriotic dolls, our fragrant soy candles for only $8.00, hand painted small portraits are wonderful, Yankee Doodle mice, and so much more for you to see and choose from. We have door decorations of eagles, wreaths and Uncle Sam’s and Americana dolls of all kinds. Big mice, squirrels, horses, dolls, all with flags. We have such a huge amount of wonderful handmade folk art pieces that you will love. Sixteen people working here to make you the best folk art and more. Come see our fabulous linen petticoats that do not have one stitch on a machine, all hand stitched and patched. These are so great.

      Wreaths with flags. Hand stitched pillows and keepsakes they are so wonderful. Linen lampshades and shower curtains are always a delight. We pride ourselves in having Made in the USA at lease 99 percent.

      We are so excited to show you the new caged bar in our Curry’s Tavern Room. It turned out so fun with lots of tri-corn hats, clay pipes, horn cups, shaved brooms, barrels, wine bottles, capes, lanterns and so much more. We are serving a great drink from the caged bar.

      Newly acquired antiques from New England; cant back cupboard in old red step back cupboard with H-hinges, many great step back cupboards and chimney cupboards, beautiful black settle that is only three foot long and heavy duty, lots of early pantry boxes with bail handles, squared rectangle hutch table, six foot red sturdy sawbuck, breadboards of all sizes; dough bowls of all sizes; portraits, desks, candle boxes, lots of tables in different sizes, five foot settle with drawers, small bed in early red paint and dark brown trundle bed, armed chairs, many hanging cupboards, bucket benches, blanket chests, oriental rugs; one drawer blanket chest; wall cupboards, dry sinks, oval pantry boxes and lots of wooden dough bowls, benches, jelly cupboards, lots of tavern tables and chairs, hornbeam, apothecaries in all sizes, peg racks, huge blue blanket box, wood box, shelves, early pewter, the best old red corner cupboard off the Cape with H-hinges, pipe box, candle box, plus so much more. We are selling Dunroven couches and chairs too, wholesale.

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Curry’s Patriotic Country Gathering

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