Here's a gorgeous tavern table with the best patina. Two board top with scrub top and red base. Large dovetailed drawer. This table would look great anywhere.

30"W x 55"L x 28"H. $2,350.

Beautiful early hand planed brown trencher. Great mellow look and feel.

20.5" x 12" x 5". $495

beautiful jelly cupboard with H hinged door. Reddish paint with lots of shelves.

51.5" H x 35" W x 13.75" D. $1950.

Apothecary that hangs or sits. Great for jewelry. Dark red paint, 10 drawers, and small square nails.

12" x 18" x 5". $1,395. On sale for $795.

Great tall bowl. No paint. Turned. Make do.

10.75" x 4.75". $395.

Beautiful hog scraper from the Helen Marler collection. Bittersweet paint. Early screw type. Had push up and chair hook.

6.25". $495.

Here is a fabulous and early flat wall cupboard. Dark patina and rosehead nails. H hinges. Door over door. Chamfered. Crown. Beautiful hand made lock with rose head nails. $4900.  42 wide by 20 deep and 80 high. Looks great in any room

Double tray in old black paint.

12" x 12" x 6". $225.

Beautiful 18th Century portrait.


Four shelf unit. Great patina. Looks beautiful where ever you put it.

42"W x 33"L x 7"D. $1,250.

The best open top chimney cupboard in pumpkin paint. Has a dovetailed case with squared nails and moon cutouts. Four shelves on top and two shelves behind batten door. Two board back. Early. This is a great piece.

24"W x 19"D x 72"H. $4,990.

Here's a sweet apothecary with spice names stenciled on black box. Nine drawers, and square nails.

20"L x 8"D x 24"T. $1,195.

Horn beam, American.

23" x 25"T. $795

Rundlet keg in excellent condition. Bittersweet paint with a handmade early stopper.


Great small beehive that has a mustard hue.

8.5" x 3". $295.

18th CA lighting piece, floor type. Diamond top and T-base. Beautiful red paint. One of a kind.

52.5" H. $1795.

This is an outstanding step back cupboard in old red. What’s not to love. Blind two doors on top and one slab door at bottom with a special closure. Pie shelf, beaded, three board back, 18th century. From NY. This is a very special cupboard. $4950.00
50 wide, 19 deep, 74 high

Old red paint on this sweet jelly cupboard with big rosehead nails. Great for a TV.

30"W x 65"H x 19"D. $1,500.

Early light sage cupboard with one door. Square nailed and hand planed. Fits in a hallway easily.

39" x 79" x 11"D. $1,100.

Early sweet small beehive bowl with beautiful red paint. Small crack at lip.

9" x 3". $575.

Beautiful old red piece. Great for island or server. Excellent red paint with moon cutouts and lift lid.

34"W x 24"D x 41"H. $1,950.

Black shelf unit. Great black paint and square nails. 36"W x 73"T x 15"D, $2,550.

18 Century Loom light. In excellent condition and has early candle stub too.

15.75" Long. $425.

Stretcher base Farm Table with long drawer and two board scrub top. Worn base with double stretcher. Great rose head nails and square.

6' long by 29" wide by 30" tall. $2500.

Various size, early drab pewter chargers. 


Beautiful, red, one board top, sawbuck table. One inch thick top with nice trough, scrub top, and a red base. Great!

36" L x 24" W x 29" H. $2895.

The old 6 board chest with snipe hinges and old red paint has been stored in my upstairs for 20 years. It is a great, great T nailed chest with moon cut outs $1100.00
24 high, 17 deep, 49 long.

Early sage pantry box.

10" x 5". $425.

Bail handled dark green pantry box.

9.5" x 5". $495.

Love the colors in this table top oriental rug. 23 by 22. $395.00

Red mortar and pestle with hairline small crack.

7" x 5.5". $495.

Sage paint on this sweet little hanging cupboard with two doors.

15.5" x 27" x 8.5". $1,550.

Oriental table top rug. Great colors.

23" x 28". $395.

Burl trencher. Hand hewn with copper handles applied.

23" L x 12.5" W. $1295.

Early small spice box. The teeniest tiny dovetails. Old brown paint with original hand carved knobs.

8.25" H x 7.25" W x 4" D. $495.

Want a great one board top tavern table. Here it is. Bread board ends and Hepplewhite legs. Old red paint, dovetailed drawer, and 18th century.

44"L x 29"W x 26.5"H. $2,800.

Very tall pantry box. Excellent ice and paint. 

7.25" H x 5" W. $425.

Small sweet foot stool. great sage early paint. Circa 1815. Square nailed. Looks great on kitchen counter to give height for items.

7.5" W x 17" L x 6.75" H. $395.

Very hard to find, all original dish cupboard in dark, dark sage paint. Sweet little closure knobs. New York origin with picture frame molding.

38" W x 71" H x 17.75" D. $4,900.

very worn cheese whey drain. This has a great worn look. On legs.

14" x 13" x 2". $395.

Beautiful bread board with handle and big worn concave in center. So nice. Use as a cookie tray!

17" x 28". $295.

Dark green bail handled pantry box. Excellent.

9" x 5.5". $595.

Very large slide lid candle box in a gorgeous blue with large metal handle.

14" x 15" x 10". $250.

Very early scrub top, with red base, sawbuck table. Great early square nails. One corner cut off at least 150 years ago. 

52" long by 30" wide and 29" high. $1900.

The best sweet very small chest. Snipe hinges, glove box, lift lid, great cut outs, and squared nails. 18th century.


Two red firkins. Both are extremely nice.

Top is 10" x 10". $495.

Bottom is 12" x 12". $495.

Blue/green/gray wooden bail with button ears. A great piece!

11.75" x 7". $695.


Early peel. $150

Specializing in 18th and 19th century American Country furnishings in early paint and primitive crafts and linens

All original blue Shaker potty chair with peg holes. Sweet piece. Hand hewn.

14" x 14" x 11". $400.

1740 candle stand from New England. Beautiful paint decorated. T nailed and early red paint. Absolutely gorgeous. Finding the early pieces is exciting and here it is out of a private collection. 17 by 18 and 26 inches high. $1895.00

One of the best wall boxes. Big with great red paint. Tombstone top with squared nails. Circa 1780.

15.5" H x 6" D x 14.5" W. $2500.

Two great bail handled pantry boxes in brown/red paint.

Top is 9.5" x 5.5". $495.

Bottom is 11.5" x 7". $595.

Really nice tavern table with one board top and old red paint. Wooden pegged and bread board ends. This is an exceptional table.

44"L x 25"W x 29"H. $2,650.

Trencher that is extremely early and hand hewn.

34" long by 16" wide. $600.

Red wash on this wooden bail handled pantry box.

9.5" x 5.5". $500.

Beautiful two piece dark brown step back cupboard. 18th century, with chamfered doors. Nice size.

68" H x 43"W x 17" D. $4500.

Brown oval trencher. No cracks and grooved handles. Sweet size!

17" x 9.5" x 2.5". $495.

Dove tailed set of drawers and case. Bittersweet paint with 8 drawers.

33" L x 21" W x 17" H. $2895.

Small black cupboard with shelves. Great next to a couch or chair and for hiding magazines.

34" H x 22" L x 13" D. $750.

18th century "X" base candle stand. Early piece with no paint. One board top with wooden pegs and early, early screws.

22" x 23" x 29" H. $1950.

Beautiful and hard to find chest of drawers. Three drawers with locks. Dove tailed chest and dove tailed drawers.

36"W x 27"D x 32"H. $2,795.

17th century, probably English, Bible stand. Very unique!

17.5" x 15" x 3.5". $1,100.

Old black dough bowl with no cracks and lip. Dark inside too.

16" x 4.5". $495.

Nice old black bowl with no cracks. Dark inside too.

16.25" x 4.5". $495.

Floor length burgundy wool cape with hood. $195.00

Two double banded bail handled pantry boxes. Old green paint. Excellent condition.

Small one on top:

9.5" x 6". $395.

Bottom one: 11.5" x 6.5". $395.

Beautiful red ladder back chair. Sausage turned and original woven seat that's still sturdy. Beautiful wear.

24"W x 50"H. $1,285.

Gorgeous little chest. Still has the complete lock. Very early with great wear and red paint.

16" x 7" x 6". $750

Large tray type treen plate. Great shape with no cracks.

22" x 4.5". $695.

Extremely early treen platter Ca 1720. Footed. Dark patina.

13" x 2.5". $650.

Tall red pantry box with great paint.

11" x 7.5". $495.

Very large old red bowl. Make do.

22" x 7.75". $690.

Excellent small chest with glove box inside. Red paint decorated. Cut outs. Six board. 28-1/2 wide, 18-1/2 tall, 15 deep. $690.00

Very small chest with glove box. Paint decorated in red and mustards. Great cut outs on side.

28" x 18" x 15". $795.

Three sizes of these great noggins. One piece of wood and no cracks.

5", 7", and 8.5". $495 ea.

Wedding spiral candlestick. $275.

Beautiful blue on this lift lid box. Square nailed. Good look.

16" x 11" x 10". $390.

Sweet door on this early barn lantern. Patina.

9" x 8" x 13". $1,295.

Circa 1849, big thick Bible with ridges. 

14-1/2" by 10-1/2". $225.

Oriental early table top rugs.

17" x 34". $395.

Worn red paint on slight bee hive.

11.5" x 3". $495.

Top pantry box. Gray bail handle.

11.75" x 7". $495.

Lot of leather books.


Nice sage lift hinged box with clasp.

7.5" x 16" x 8". $275.

Sweet old red trencher with a great little metal patch.

21" x 11.5" x 4" D. $450.

Early dark dark red paint. Two panel doors. Excellent condition.

34"W x 30"H x 8"D. $995.

The prettiest blue bail handled pantry box. It was scrapped down to the blue. Excellent condition.

11.5" x 6.5". $595.

Beautiful dark brown wall cupboard. Two doors and lots of shelves (5). Wooden pegged, mortised, panel doors, crown molding, all original.

42" W x 79" H x 17.75" D. $2,895.

Here is a really sweet and early wonderful life lid box with hand forged lock. All rose head nailed. Beautiful red paint.

15" x 8" x 9". $495.

Beautiful dark brown lidded wall box.


The wood in this lightweight wall box is thin and has great early red paint. Skinny lollipop top and square nails.

13"W x 5"D x 14"H. $695.

Beautiful old red on this wooden handled pantry box. No Lid.

14" W x 7.5" H. $650.

Big and bold step back cupboard. Clean and in excellent condition. Original hinges, beaded, one door, lots of great wear, plain and simple. Beautiful cupboard!

47"W x 19"D x 76"T. $4,400.

Early treen platter in old red paint. Hand hewn. Hard to find.

20" by 14". $160.

Dark green bail nadled bantry box.

10" x 5". $525.

This is the real thing, canted step back cupboard   Old red paint, one door on bottom, picture frame molding. T nails. 2-1/2 board back. 33 wide, 17 deep, 71 high. Great. Great. New England cupboard

One of the most perfect little oval tavern tables. Rose head nailed and sausage turned legs in old red paint on this stretcher base. One board top. These are hard to find.

29.5" L x 20" W x 25.25" H. $2,500.

Gorgeous oval candle stand. Three feet, dark brown paint, and a two board top. Great wear.

19" x 16" x 26". $1,550.

Very early mirror. Mirror has crack.

21" x 13". $695.

Lovely tavern table. Old red base with scrub top. Two board top that is maple and a big dovetailed drawer.


A variety of sugar buckets.

$395 each.

Beautiful and hard to find apothecary. A great island as it is 36" T x 24"D x 57"L. Painted all the way around. Three boards going across the back. Great find, 15 dovetailed drawers.


Beautiful early painted lidded box in a great blue.  $390.00

This picture makes this gorgeous bucket bench look green but it is a beautiful blue. Moon cut outs with square nails and two shelves.

45"H x 43"W x 13.5"D. $1,395.

Very sweet mustard/brown step back cupboard. Very sturdy and wooden pegged, mortised, two doors.

39"W x 22"D x 74"T. $2,500.

Wooden bail handle pantry box with wooden ears.

11" x 7". $650.

Oval lapped pantry box in old red paint. Excellent and a hard to find piece.

12" x 5". $525.

Heavy duty step back cupboard with two chamfered doors. No paint inside the two bottom doors. Special $1950.00
39 wide; generous 23 deep; 74 high

Early red, lollipop top on sweet candle box. 18th century.

12" x 11" x 7.5". $1050.

Beautiful old red mortar and pestle. Hairline crack.

6" x 8". $395.

Mustard dough box with lid. Great size and color.

14" x 32" x 9". $350.

Top pantry is red paint. Sweet size.

6.5" x 3". $295.

Bottom pantry has no paint.

9" x 4". $225.

18th Century loom light. Has small lip, unique.

16". $450.

Dark brown early salt box with lift lid. Square nails and lollipop top.

8.5" x 14.5" x 5". $495.

Sweet sage pantry box with wide band.

10" x 4.5". $395.

Beautiful early wooden lantern with sweet little door.

8.5" x 6.5" x 11". $1,250.

Hard to find mustard paint on a big dough bowl. Small crack.

17.5" x 6". $550.

Double banded dark green bail handled.

10.5" x 6". $495.

Such a fabulous oval top table. Penny feet, wooden pegged and big rose head nails. Splay legs and a two board top. Untouched and great wear.

34"L x 22.5"W x 26.5"L. $2,500.

Nice crock with handle.

10.75" x 7". $250.

Old red lollipop, double tiered, hard to find.

16"T x 7" x 6". $1,350.

Pumpkin painted tavern table. Bread board ends and rose head nails. Scrub top with beautiful shaped apron.

48.5" L x 29" W x 27" H. $2,600.

No cracks in this sweet red dough bowl.

9.75" x 4". $490.

Great blue step back. Square nailed. Lots of good wear. Excellent condition. No paint inside two slab doors. On Special $1950.00
45 wide; 73 high; 18 deep

Beautiful blue fisherman's box. Gorgeous dovetails. Lift lid with drawers inside. Leather shaped handles on both ends.

10" W x 25" L x 10" H. $595.

Here is a fabulous blue bee hive bowl. Smooth as silk, and hard to find this nice. Small wear crack in the bottom. 

17" x 6". $995.

18th century, one drawer blanket chest. T-nails, cutouts. Excellent.

19" x 42" x 34". $2,650.

Dark green pantry box. Bail handled. Button ears.

12" x 7". $695.

Mustard wall table. Good size and height with breadboard ends.

18.5" x 39" x 29"H. $1,450.

Huge old red buttock basket. Nice wooden handle.

21" x 14" without handle. $495.

Early old red salt box with lift lid. 18th century and hand planed. Sweet.

10.5" x 11.5" x 8.5". $1,450.

Sweet old black one door cupboard. Galley around 3 sides. Nice shelf inside. Great for a bathroom sink.

29"W x 25"D x 31"H. $1,850.

Excellent red bookcase with three shelves and square nails. Looks good in any room or hallway.

33"W x 13"D x 43"H. $1,100.

Beautiful small beehive bowls with bittersweet paint.

9" x 3". $575.

Huge wonderful bail handed red pantry box. 

11-1/2" by 7-1/4". $595.

Small painted footstool. Mustard.

13" x 7" x 7". $150.

Wonderful wedding ring have g scraper with signed push up that works.

8" tall. $395.

Beautiful footed bowl with hand planing. Dark color. Lovely piece. $495.00
9-3/4 by 3-1/2

Make do bowl. Beehive and red paint.

12.75" x 4". $395.

Sweet small black buttock basket.

11" x 5". $100.

Beautiful red paint on this big pantry box. No handle.

9" x 12.5". $350.

Beautiful small red jelly cupboard. All original and great red paint. Five shelves, mortised, and one door.

32" W x 54" H x 17" D. $1595.

Sweet small portrait. Early.

5" x 4". $395.

Tankards. 7" and 11" respectively. $350.

Huge hand made and hand stitched leather pouches. Wonderful with powder horn and wool cape. Measures 10 by 11. $195.00. One of a kind

Treen plate with no writing.

7". $395.

Wooden comb is hard to find.

5" long. $120.

trencher with patina. Dark and grungy. Hand planed.

22"L x 11.5"W x 4"D. $395.

We also have wonderful horn scoops and hand stitched black powder holders.

Huge barn lantern from the 18th century. Tin door in back. This was from a farm in Connecticut

9" x 8.5" x 13"H. $2,400.

Here's a great old red document box with the lock still intact.

16" x 7" x 6"T. #395.

Double banded bail handled pantry box. Old red paint.

11.25" x 6.5". $590.

Gray bail handled pantry box. 

11.5" x 6.75". $495.

Black bread board with great paint.

23" x 30". $395.

A pair of big and bold Brewster chairs. Gorgeous surface. Approximately 25 years old. Made by a top of the line chair maker
$795 each. Seat 21 by 17. 47 inches tall. These chairs cost more 25 years ago.

Bittersweet firkin with Harvard lap. Great look.

10" x 9.5". $470.

Here is one of the nicest hutch tables with a square top. Old red paint with square nails. Absolutely lovely.

45" x 45" x 29"H. $4,800.

Wooden bail handle in beautiful red early paint. Wooden ears.

12" x 7.5" $650.

Beautiful blue bail handled pantry box. Excellent condition.


The best server. Such a great look. Dark sage, two doors and square nails.

58"L x 39"H x 20"D. $3,200.

Small excellent noggin. One piece of wood. Circa 1820.

5.5" H. $495.

Beautiful early red paint fireside chair. Roomy.

36"T x 18"W x 18"D. $1,650

Beautiful red with push up and old screw type.

5" tall. $495.

Here is a gorgeous blue bench. Moon cut outs with a nice dark top and square nails.

47" x 12" x 17.5". $795.

Beautiful red dough box. Dovetailed with no lip. Looks great on top of a refrigerator.

35" x 12" x 18". $340.

One board top tavern table. Dark patina, with splay legs. Sweet look!.

33.5" L x 2.5" W x 26.5" H. $1,550.

Great very dry bowl with small make do. 10 by 4. $395.00

Red mortar and pestle. No cracks.


Super blue hanging cupboard with two doors. Early piece.

37" x 25" x 12". $750.

Great small black hanging cupboard. One door, two shelves and will hang or sit.

20" x 25" x 11". $1,260.

Very early silhouette, Great size.


This is one beautiful cupboard. 18th century in beautiful dark sage. The best wear and all original. 16 panes of wavy early glass. Hand forged lock. Stepback.

50"W x 82"H x 18.5" D. $5,300.

We have lots of pewter plates and chargers.

$200 - $250.

Helen Marler collection and one of her favorites. The best early blue  with clinched bottom.

5" tall. $595

Excellent bail handled pantry box. Great original red paint.

11-1/4" by 6-1/2". $595.

Wooden salt box. Very early and great wear. Missing lid. 6 1/8" x 6 3/8" x 5" H. $395.

Nice big tea table. Dark brown with two board top. Pedestal.

24" x 29". $795.

Early small flame stitch purse.


Black footed platter. So early and so dry. Early 18th century.

12.5" x 2". $650.

Beautiful red beehive. Hole for hanging.

16" x 5.5". $1395.

Excellent big slide lid candle box in old red paint. Excellent condition and hand planed.

10"D x 12"W x 21"L. $450.

Early lighting piece with rush and candle holders.

12.5" H. $795.

Huge Maine bowl. Known for their big lip. No cracks, and dark stain on the inside.

22" x 6". $995

Wonderful stretcher base tavern table. Excellent table with breadboard ends. Dovetailed drawer, wooden pegged, and a two board top. 18th century and dark red paint.

60" x 36". $2,950.

Excellent lidded bucket. Good original patina with lap banding. Great condition!

11-1/4" by 6-1/2" high. $350.

Greenish blue pantry box.

10" x 5". $425.