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Curry’s Harvest Country Gathering 2017
Sept 22, Friday, and Sept 23, Saturday, 10:00am to 3:00pm

The Is the fall your favorite time of year? There are such great and beautiful colors and items to decorate with. The freshness of mums, field corn in bowls and bittersweet hanging on your door, makes us all enjoy God’s beauty of fall. Pumpkins in all the beautiful colors of blue, white, green, orange, stripes, golden yellows, makes us happy and we can never get enough. Some are big, some are small. Put pumpkins in each window of your house or piles up on the mantel or in bowls. Decorating for fall is as much fun as any season we have. So much of nature’s own can come into our homes to make our lives happier and our homes joyful. We are making the most beautiful wreaths with pockets full of dried corn shucks, Indian corn, dried gourds and bittersweet. We try to bring you a multitude of fresh and beautiful autumn accents, all our people put so much time and energy into the items they make. Come see how many new and fun items we have for your home and your gardens. A porch is so fun to decorate for this fall, come see some of our great ideas. We have willow chairs with brushy backs to sit a pumpkin on or even a life sized scarecrow that we make too, for in your garden or porch.
Here are just a few wonderful new items just for you: dried arrangements for your door or cupboard, dried garlands to hang over fireplace or doorways, new look on the braided corn husks made into wreaths. Also, new are our very detailed witches (guaranteed to be wonderful), gourd garlands are big and full, wool placemats with hand stitchery, penny rugs in great fall colors, variety of pumpkins with drieds and with real stems. Scarecrows of all sizes, crows, pumpkin head dolls, hanging witches and great sitting ones too. We will have real pumpkins in every color and size, come pick out yours. We have dried nub corn, a rare and hard thing to find anywhere. Long dried gourds to hang on your door, Indian corn garlands, sweet annie, golden yarrow, corn shucks, nub corn garlands. Our wool capes are great and you can wear them too. Lots of linen items and all handmade here: shower curtains, window curtains, bedcovers, table runners, pillow cases and more. Homespun items too. We offer feather ticks, straw filled small ticks in reversible linen, our Blacksmith will be here making some great rose head nails for you or maybe even a great handmade door knocker. Try one of our linen or linen or homespun chair pads and handmade lampshades. Our candles are back: Harvest Gathering, Pumpkin Pie, Clove, Open Hearth plus tons of other extremely spicy candles.
If you are looking for early hand hewn stone, we will have lots, just ask about them. We even have several early hitching posts.
From New England, an early settle, pantry boxes, firkins in early paint, many great tavern tables to choose from, hutch tables, step back cupboards (a great early blue one), lots of sawbuck tables, 18th century blanket chest, pantry cupboards, X base candle stand, early red rope bed, painted baskets, leather books, server, wall table in mustard paint, hanging cupboards, bee hive bowls, dough bowls in early paint, wooden barn lanterns, small tables, candle stands, blanket chests, flat wall cupboard to fit a TV, chest of drawers, treen plates, baskets in early paint, small and large apothecaries, jelly cupboards, bucket benches all in early paint, lots of great early New England pieces for you. Most of our antiques are from 1770 to 1830.
Don’t wait for one of our shows, come see us anytime, just call ahead to make sure we are home; we would love to have you visit us. Lots of surprises making a Harvest Gathering like no other.
We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Next show: Christmas, Nov. 4th and 5th, from 10:00am to 3:00pm Lots of great antiques, Christmas candles and bay laurel wreaths plus herbed wreaths. Dec. 3, 2017 (Eleven to 2pm, with hearth cooking done in the cabin and lots of samplings) Shop open with new and great items, esp fresh wreaths and trees. Get bay laurel wreaths, herbed wreaths that are wonderful gifts.

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