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Specializing in early painted or original attic surfaces. None of the paint has been enhanced or compromised. Take a look at some of our latest finds.

Updated: 1 March 2015

Almost six foot long and 58 inches high. it sits well and has a good wide seat, sturdy, black paint, wings and good wear on the arms, $4200.  
Courting candle, really a great one with candle pusher still attached. 8 inch; $495. Beautiful pine lantern, snipe hinged door, wonderful piece, 10-1/2 by 7 by 8. $995.
Beautiful tall blue bucket bench with Shaker like feet in the D cut, excellent condition. Measures 43 inches tall, long and 14 inches deep. $1495.  
A really unusual piggin all rose head nailed, Oval shaped and 30 by 19-1/2. Sweet piece. $995.  
Here is one of the best dough tables. It is signed, wooden pegged, dovetailed, scrapped down to the original red. It is stretcher based, beautiful piece. The top is so mellow and gorgeous. 47-1/2 inches long by 26-1/2 inches high by 24-1/2 inches wide. A great find. $3900.
Gorgeous cricket table in early patina, all pine, 27 inches high and 27 round. Great early table, looks good anywhere. $1295.  
This is an absolutely wonderful old black shelf unit, only 6-1/2 inches deep, 41 inches high and 24 inches wide....this piece could fit about anywhere. Beautiful crown, two board back, all square nailed, great dry dry black. $1100.
Lots of old leather books, some with ridges, many sizes.
This is one of the best early lighting piece. This ratchet loom lighting piece with candle holder AND rush holder, plus the piece that slides can turn completely around. Measures 20 inches long. $1550.
Beautiful, all original, plain and simple wall box in old red paint. Measures 14 inches high, 12-1/2 wide and 6 inches deep, very early, all square nailed. $1695.
This dark dark hunter green seed box was bought at Zoar, Ohio. it has teeny square nails and snipe hinges. It has wooden divides for the seed packs. Measures 12 inches long by 5-1/2 and 5 inches. $425. Sweet tin tender box with striker, flint, tow and cover plus the top has its own candle holder. 4-1/2 by 2 inches. $325.
This is one of the greatest wall boxes, big and bold and rose head nailed. Measures 30 inches tall, so mellow and worn. $1595.
Small treen salt, very nice one and so early. Four inch by four inch, $225.
Wonderful old red hutch table with drawer. The top is gorgeous and very dark scrubbed top. Measures 5 foot by 40 inches wide, three board top, one great table, looks so great flipped up. $3995.
Bittersweet cricket table, wooden pegged, excellent condition, all original, 30 inches high by 18 round. $1550.
Noggin, wonderful size, 7-1/2 inches high and 4 inches across. $495.
Wonderful four foot wide settle with great brown/mustard paint. It is a heavy duty settle that is 54 inches high and 12 inches deep. Great condition, square and small rose head nails. Small hood, wings and lollipop ends.
Beautiful wall box in patina that is 24 inches tall, nice size and holds many items. Eight inches wide and six inches deep, all square nailed. $650.  
Beautiful 18th century wall box with a phenomenal lollipop handle. This original red wall box is the driest original paint but my camera makes it look shiny, it is not shiny in an way. Measures 13 inches high and 10-1/2 inches wide, 4-1/2 inches deep. Wonderful piece and rose head nailed.
Beautiful one board top with bread board ends, sawbuck table. Old red/brown base. Table measures 50 inches long by 24 inches wide and 28 inches high. The original square nails have leather squares around them, unusual, the second one like this, I have owned. Really nice table at $2200.
Great cupboard in early red paint, measures 39 inches wide and 81 inches high, 14-1/2 inches deep. No paint inside. Chamfered door and square nails. Great shelving. $3950.  
Sweet make do lighting piece. Three foot tall, tallow candle, heavy base. $1350. Beautiful slate blue basket, almost perfect $595.
Beautiful old mustard tall wooden lantern. Such a great candle stick on the inside, wavy glass, New England piece. Snipe hinged door, 17 inches tall by 8 by 7. $1450.
One of the nicest old red chimney cupboards with the original leather hinges left on and newer butt hinges put on over 100 years ago. All hand planed, the inside shelves have plate grooves. This was from a prominent Ohio dealer. Two board back, sweet piece, measures 26-1/2 wide and 81 inches high by 9-3/4 inches deep $3250.
Here is an unusual early pine double tier wall box and very tall. An initial “H” is carved into the all square nailed top tier. Measures 20 inches high and 8 inches wide, 6 inches deep. $1950.
Small black cupboard. Great for kitchen, store cook books and put microwave on top. Or could use beside bed. Square nailed, 34 inches high x 22 inches wide and 13 inches deep. $795.
Sorting table that is a sawbuck table, so so smooth, excellent condition and very sturdy.
Wig that can be curled but not a horsehair one, good look. $395.
Here is one of the best octagon, old black, X-base candle stand. This piece is in excellent condition, very early and a really fine table with a one board top. 16 by 16 and 28 inches high. $2500.  
A childs tender. This is such a sweet piece, people would put their child in this (no lid) so they would learn how to stand up. I added the breadboard to make it a useable table. Adding gourds in the bottom, or greenery with lights for Christmas would be a fun thing and the old breadboard on top could hold a lamp, books, etc. 15 by 17 by 23 high; $750.

Beautiful New England wall box, 18th century, all rose head nails, smooth as silk and wonderful form. Double tier and 18 inches tall, 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep. $1850.
Treen plates that are $295 each.

18th century candle stand with early patina and all rose head nails, X-base, sweet size of 26 inches high and 11 inch top, $1000.  
Beautiful drying rack in early patina, measuring 4 feet by 20 inches wide. Very unusual and in pristine condition. $995. Sweet wooden make-do lighting with four holes for candles, heavy bottom, floor or table use. 31 inches high by 15 inches wide. $850.
Great pipe box with the best patina, 19 by 8 by 8. $995.
Very early shaved broom that measures 42 inches tall. $995.
One of the sweetest lanterns and lots of great EARLY patches, snipe hinges, old glass, early patina; 10-1/2 inches high and 6-1/2 inches by 6-1/2 inches. $1300.  
Early Tavern Whiskey bottles , hand blown with kicked up bottoms; $425.  
Beautiful two board top sawbuck sorting table, it is as smooth as silk, small lip, trough, circa 1790-1800. New England found table in early patina. 31 inches wide and 37 inches long and 29 inches high. $2200.  
Gorgeous old red bible box, snipe hinges, small rose head nailed, circa 1790-1800, 21 inches by 12-1/2 by 12 inches high, $2250. Really nice, lock missing.
Beautiful early tin lighting piece, 14 inches long, three candle cups $1950. Dutch wine bottles green glass, hand blown, brought up out of the ocean, so early, kicked up bottom. $250.
Beautiful wooden standing churn in bittersweet/red paint, square nailed and huge moon cut outs. Lift top and storage is huge within. Use as an island and work station as the top flips for larger work space. 42 inches high, 21 inches deep and 33-1/2 inches wide. $1750.  
A beautiful red step back cupboard with a deep step. It is 25 inches deep by 67 inches high and 38 inches wide. The door is one board. Gorgeous cupboard and holds a lot. $4200. Great wooden wash tub, in wonderful condition, measures 25 inches round by 13 inches high and and additional 5 inch handles on each side; $350.
Gorgeous early patina chimney cupboard with the most beautiful blue interior. Excellent wear and condition. 71 inches high, 21 inches wide and 15 inches deep with all square nails. $1950.  
Excellent tavern table, two board maple top and bread board ends, old red paint and one dovetailed drawer. Nice small hepplewhite legs. 26 inches wide, 45 inches long and 27-1/2 inches high. $2595. Old red bucket bench, beautiful piece, bootjack ends, excellent condition. Measures 45 wide by 13 deep by 30 inches wide. $1495.
Hand made wool capes, worn tri corn hats, powder horns, game bags.

A rare and unusual find, Sea Captains writing board in maple and walnut. Two pieces 14 inches tall by 10 inches wide, with chalk board on the inside where it folds. Great

Great square nailed, old red foot stool, with lots of wear, 20 inches long by 8 inches high and 7-1/2 inches wide, beautiful moon cut out and mortised
Here is a sweetheart apothecary with dovetailed drawers and cupboard, good early brown paint, all original. 11 inches high, 9-1/2 inches deep and 13-1/2 inches wide. $970.  
Small cupboard, can sit or hang. Would be a great jewelry box, patina and good wear, 16 inches high, 15 inches wide and 8 inches deep. $395.
- Bittersweet firkin, 11-1/2 by 11-1/2, excellent color and condition; $495

- Gray firkin, 11-1/2 by 11-1/2, great piece; $450

- Red firkin, 12 by 12, good dry red and condition; $450
30 inches long thatchel with cover....great piece to hang Good old red firkin, with wooden buttons and wood handle, in great condition...11 by 10 and $495.
Very early armed chair, sits really great, ladderback with traces of red. 24 inches across, 44 inches high and 16 inches from floor to seat. $650.  
Great early hanging cupboard in the best old blue, has been a built-in, has picture frame around, so probably from Conn., all original, gorgeous original H-hinges, shelves inside and measures 43-1/2 tall, 9 inches deep and 20 inches wide, $1550. Blue and mustard wall paper dome lid trunk, Butt hinges, great condition, 36 inches long, 16 inches deep and 16 inches high. $795.
Exquisite little portrait 5-1/2 by 4-1/2, all original and beautiful, brass hanger, $550.  
Great shaved broom with nice thick handle and stands alone, 55 inches high, $1250. Floor type tape loom in excellent condition, hard to find, 31 inches tall by 10-1/2 at base and the loom is 6 inches wide. $850.
Hard to find, six foot long sawbuck table in old red paint and two board top, with trough. 30 inches wide and 28 inches high, Very sturdy, beautiful top, $3400.
18th century canted soap dish, wonderful. 9 inches wide by 6 inches deep and 4-1/2 inches high at the back, great wear, dovetailed, $595.  
All original sawbuck table with ONE board scrub top, just like you like it, nice and dark and worn. Old red paint on bottom, extremely sturdy. Rose head nails and 24 inches wide, 36 inches long and 29 inches high. $2900.  
Five nice shelves inside that never had paint, beautiful early bittersweet/red small cupboard, square nailed 32 inches wide by 17 inches deep and 54 inches high, one door with chamfered panels; $1595.
Excellent shaved broom, 18th century, a unique one and 49 inches high and the base is 8 inches across; $1299.  
Huge horn for kindling Old red rope bed at a great price, 55 wide and 74 inches long, $195.
Beautiful early armed chair in maple with great great wear, very sitable and very comfortable, ladder back style, $695.  
18th century lantern with tin door and snipe hinges, old glass, excellent condition, was hanging in a milk house in Vermont. 9-1/2 by 9-1/2 and 13 inches high, $2595.
Gorgeous blue buttocks basket in excellent condition    
Great and early stool, mortised through and through with no nails, measures 27 inches tall and the seat is 14 by 11; $650. captain This is the best of the best portrait of a New England Sea Captain, hard to find oil portrait 25" by 30". Excellent condition.
Beautiful blue dry sink with lid. This is a great great dry sink and the slate blue paint is wonderful. 36 inches long, 16 inches deep and 32 inches high. $1950.  
Early canvas goose in excellent condition with wooden head. 23 inches long by 10 inches high. $225. Handmade horn beekers that are so
This fantastic old red corner cupboard is one of the best. Two panel doors over two panel doors. The paint is fabulous, my camera gives it a shine but it does NOT have a shine. The inside has no paint and looks so good with the doors open if you want to display. The doors are chamfered and pegged. Excellent condition. Measures 44 inches across and 75 inches high, good good size. $4300.
Beautiful and great condition bittersweet firkin, 10 inches tall (not including handle) 9-1/2 across top and 10 inches across bottom. $495. Lots of small leather books in great condition.
This is a great great apothecary in old red paint, both sides too, 7 drawers, 23 inches high by 20 inches wide by 10-1/2 inches deep, $1395. Here is a sweet dry sink well, all dovetailed, early zinc lined, old red paint, looks wonderful either on your sink or stove, or it can be hung on the wall, measures 32 inches long by 15-1/2 inches wide by 7 inches deep; $695.
Early black painted dry sink with two doors. Nice size at 41 inches wide by 17-1/2 inches deep and 28 inches high at front and 32 inches high at back. $1450.  
Early looking powder horn, made with old horn and old leather.....excellently made in many sizes by a expert craftsman. Beautiful early red lap top desk, very very nice one, 26 inches wide by 12 inches high, by 19 inches deep.
Wooden mug, missing lid, sweet, has handle Two of our make-do chairs with old wooden wings
Small petite sawbuck in old brown paint, 24 inches wide by 19 wide, $695
Great great dough bowl, way out of round, minor crack with make-do repair, 14-1/2 round by 5-1/2" tall, very early
Great early light sage cupboard with lots of shelves, thin so can go in hall way or bathroom; $1595
New England old blue door over door cupboard in excellent condition and all original, $2550.
Beautiful leather bibles with ridges on ends, we have 3, dated 1818 to 1848, 10-1/2 by 8 by 4-1/2. $250 each  
Early black basket, excellent condition, 12 inches by 9 inches; $550.  
  Herb-Spice Horn Container  
Scoops Horn beekers $39.
Powder horns Salt horns $39.
Leather pouches for black powder $36.  
Chair to left has big wings and is armed, 17-1/2 width at front of seat, 15-1/2 width at back of seat, 16-1/2 from front to back on seat, height of overall chair is 48 in, we cover in wool or linen. Pictured in our brown wool.

Chair in middle is our 48 in tall chair with small covered wings, reversible cushion over a woven seat that measures 17-1/2 width at front, 15 inches width at back of seat, 13 inches front to back at the seat. We add a wooden gusset at base of wing that we also cover in the hand dyed linen like the chair.

Chair to the right is old wooden wings added to a 48 in tall chair, we extend the seat extremely plus add memory foam, so the chair is extremely big and comfortable. Chair seat measures 20 in across the front, 14 inches across the back of seat, 13-1/2 from front to back. We cover this in our brown wool or our hand dyed linen.
Our highback couch is 56 in wide, 46 in high, 25-1/2 in deep, we make this in either the brown wool (as pictured) or our linen. We make this here and can be with any color legs, we add rope to base. Extremely comfortable seating with memory foam in the base and over that is our reversible cushion.
Our smallest couch is 56 in wide, 29 in high, 25-1/2 in deep, we make this in either the linen (as pictured) or our brown wool. We make this here and can be with any color legs, we add rope to base. Extremely comfortable seating with memory foam in the base and over that is our reversible cushion.
  Nice assortment of wonderful pantry boxes  
Excellent bail handled pantry box in a drab drab dark green. Measures 9-1/2 by 5-1/2. $550.
Old red bail handled pantry box that is tall. Measures 8-1/2 by 5-1/2. $495.
Early red, bail handled, pantry box, excellent condition, $550, 9-1/2 by 6”.
Pantry box, excellent blue, 6-1/2 by 3”, $450; red pantry box, excellent red, 9 by 5”, $495.
Great trencher in early patina. Measures 22 long by 11-1/2 and 4 inches deep, excellent condition, $495.  
Gorgeous chimney cupboard that will hold a TV. Rosehead nails and square nails, great dry red paint on all three sides 19 inches deep, 30 inches wide and 5 foot 5 inches tall. $2600.
Nice shaved broom with a hand whittled handle, measures 55 inches tall and 11 inches at base. $995.  
Great two board top tavern table with bread board ends, dove tailed drawer, stretcher base, beautiful top, 18th century, 25 inches wide by 40 inches long by 27 inches high. $2600. This is a wonderful horn beam that measures 30 high by 24 with a very small crack, $1300
Old red step back cupboard that is two pieces, plain slab door and plain top. From New England, measures 42 inches wide and 78 inches high, 16 inches deep. Three board back, inside never painted. Shelves on the bottom are gorgeous too. Really nice cupboard. $4300 This is the earliest old apple peeler with wooden teeth and wooden works, great to hang 14 inches long by 11 inches wide by 8 inches high.
Huge old red buttocks basket, exceptionally great, measures 20 inches wide by 18 inches high, excellent condition; $495.  
Beautiful hangingred two door cupboard, lots of shelves inside and good dry red early paint; measures 30 high, 34 across and 9 inches deep; $1295 Gray firkin is a great size and wooden button ears with wooden handle, $495.
This sweet little cupboard can sit OR it can hang, old red paint, so cute on the inside with all the cubbies, great for spices in your kitchen, measures 55 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 10 inches deep; $1200.  
Red hanging cupboard, one shelf inside, measures 25 inches long by 20 inches wide and 14 inches deep, hand planed, $595. This little round table with x-base is all original, brown paint, 18 inch top and 30 inches high, $995.
Blue bread board with a nice worn piece on the side, has lots of wear and is a really pretty blue, measures 22 by 25. $295
Gray bread board with hole in end to hang with, good wear, measures 17-1/2 by 29. $295
Our big winged make do chairs in sage quilt, great reversible seat cushion too, $595. Great hand made items always here (Sea Captain portrait and small mouse)
Great patina on this wooden bail handled pantry box, a very early one and good size of 9-12 by 7 Big and bold mustard wooden bail handled pantry box, great piece. Measures 13-1/2 by 10 inches high, $595.
  - Bittersweet firkin, 11-1/2 by 11-1/2, excellent color and condition; $495

- Blue firkin, 12 by 12, fantastic blue and condition; $495

- Charcoal over bittersweet firkin, 12 by 12, excellent excellent piece; $495

- Red firkin, very dry red and great firkin; $450
Dated 1790 wonderful blue dowry chest from Bucks County, Penna, lock still intact, two dovetailed drawers (that lock) in a dovetailed case, hand planed, lidded glove box, hand forged original strap hinges, wooden pegged and square nailed, 6 board construction, 26 inches high, by 48 inches long and 24 inches deep, excellent chest, $2550.  
11-1/2 by 6-1/2 bluish bail handled pantry box in excellent condition, $595 12 by 7 bail handled light sage pantry box in excellent condition, $595.
Old red shelf unit with two wide board back, has great wear, New England, one picture is of back. 9 inches deep, 31-1/2 inches wide and 35 inches high; $1200.  
Bittersweet sawbuck that is two board top, great great wear, note one corner cut diagonally but done when made. There is a drawer under the top. Breadboard ends, this is a sweet table with old blue under the bittersweet paint, measures 24 wide by 41 long and 29 high; $2300.  
18th Century, double cup betty lamp, hand wrought and excellent condition, $395.  
Shelf unit divided into four sections, dovetailing top and bottom with great paint in a sage/spice but just on the top. $350.  
New hand made tin hanging lighting, $159 Early candle box with slide lid in old black, has original handle, 11x15, $295.
Nice hanging cupboard with three dovetailed drawers and lots of cubbie inside, good old red/brown paint  
Here is a really nice dough board with 3 sides and good patina, cants, 22 inches deep by 35-1/2 in the front and 33 in the back, great square nails and two board top, $395.
Fish tailed tape loom that is extremely early, big size of 29 inches tall by 10 inches wide, in excellent condition, $895. Hand carved stone measuring 4 foot tall, beautiful.
We now make our high back couches with a warm brown wool and as comfy as they can be. We also make it in our hand dyed linen.
We sell hand made brooms, many sizes and styles, great pieces.
Early Bennington soap dish measures 5-1/4 inches by 2 inches high; $125; Hand wrought hinges in excellent condition that are 15 inches long and $100 for the pair.
Gorgeous two board top with breadboard ends, tavern table in old salmon paint, great little hepplewhite legs, check out the great great cutout, 4 foot long by 29 inches wide and 27 inches high. Smooth as silk, beautiful table, $2950.
Five drawer apothecary in old patina with cantilever fronts of the drawers and a shelf on top; measures 14 inches wide and 25 inches tall and 6 inches deep; $895. Excellent tavern table with minor restoration and drawer pulls completely through, from one end to another. Breadboard ends and stretcher base. 45 inches long by 36 inches wide and 28 inches high. $1295.
Good hanging candle box in old red with small square nails, 14 by 7-1/2 by 8 inches; $695. A wonderful and oh so early old red step back cupboard, rose head nailed, lots and lots of wear, Maine cupboard, 47 inches wide by 16-1/2 inches deep and 78 inches high, $3200.
Early dough table, great scrubbed pine top and leaf, 25-1/2 across the top, 28 inches long and 30 inches high, sage bottom, hepplewhite legs, $550. Beautiful tin lantern that is a triangle shaped. Hangs flat against cupboard. $795.
Early black tin spice box with 6 spice boxes inside, excellent condition. Small amount of tole painting. 10 inches by 3-1/2 inches and 6-1/2 inches deep. $125.  
Early blanket crane in old sage paint that is four feet long, 41 inches high. Great piece. $950.
Really great dry gray/blue paint on this hutch table that measures 5 foot long by 43 inches wide and 29 inches high, boot jack ends. $3500.
Excellent sawbuck table with scrub top that is one board, mustard heavy base, sturdy, trough, 41 inches long and 22 inches wide and 30 inches high. Hard to find these really great sawbucks, $2500.
Small red bowl with deep turnings, make do patches, 12 by 4; $395.  
Great step back cupboard that is a big one in mustard with good wear, shelf inside and measures 18 inches deep by 46 inches wide and 81 inches high; $4200.
Great 18th century green, kicked up bottoms, Dutch wine bottles, one is smaller than the other, $250. Beautiful basket in old gray/sage paint, 7 inches by 18 inches by 12-1/2 inches wide, not including handle, $595.
Slide lid candle box in early red paint, hand planed. Really nice piece. 21 inches long by 10 inches high and 12 inches wide. $295.  
This old red cupboard base would be a wonderful server. Holds a ton of items. Square and rose head nails. 22 inches deep by 52 inches wide and 33 inches high. $2600.
Breadboard that is 2 inches thick with deep waller in the middle, breadboard ends, 17-1/2 inches wide by 30 inches tall and 2 inches deep, $395.  
Early swing handled basket with cat’s eye (kicked up bottom), great early old red paint, excellent condition, 15-1/2 across by 8 inches high, with handle it is 15 inches high, $850.
Sage painted bowl rack, can flip top to bottom, great paint, square nailed, 45 inches by 32 inches by 11 inches deep. $1590. Old red hanging cupboard in great condition, two doors, shelf inside and no paint, measures 11 inches deep, 33 inches wide and 26 inches tall, all original, $995.

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